Derek (macoto) wrote in shadesatnight,

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don't be afraid of the guy in shades, oh no

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oh no. not afraid of the guy IN shades.
a little afraid of the guy with not one finger free of a ring.
maybe of the guy in the necklace.
and the shirt collar up, unbuttoned one too many.
perhaps the guy OUT of shades.
most definitely like the look... of a guy in shades.
think about spending more time in them rather than out.
and if ya dont know.
now ya know.
i just got aviators tonight! hahah yeah, whats up with rngs on al fingers? haha your pretty cute though. just tone down the finger jewelry! haha.


February 19 2005, 09:13:11 UTC 13 years ago

its not corey heart
its corey HART
Of course this guy is in shade, so its not so clear to identify all the things, but it seems to be very fashionable , also wear a golden frame sunglass, with pearl ear top.

prada sunglasses
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